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12 inch Three-Arm Spout & Pump Kit

12 inch Three-Arm Spout & Pump Kit
Product ID: BAMBOO10200
Manufacturer: Bamboo Accents
UPC: 673036102002
List Price: $39.69
You save $10.84
Price: $28.85
The three arm horizontal spout provides a surface to rest objects such as a water ladle or plant. It sits low, close to the water and can be used on bowls of any depth. The spout's large diameter creates a wide water flow that sounds rich and full. The rattan wrapping beautifully completes the natural look. Submersible pump and included. You will love the ease of installation and versatility of the three arm spout. Just lay it across any container and you have a beautiful fountain. The three arm has a simple look that easily blends with nearly any container. The combination of this spout with plants or other fountain ornaments creates amazing results.

What Size Container Should You Use ?

The size of our spout indicates the horizontal length when the spout is resting on the bowl. The spout is normally placed closed to the edge of the container, not in the middle. The table shows the approximate ranges of container diameters for each spout size.  

bamboo accent fountain chart

Bamboo Accents uses a tropical species of bamboo that is both plentiful and sustainable. The plant regenerates and matures every three years, so we adhere to the sustainable technique of cutting only three year old bamboo culms
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