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Ceramic Toad House

Ceramic Toad House
Product ID: BFBWA07
Manufacturer: Best for Birds
UPC: 8714982013102
List Price: $18.99
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Price: $14.87
Ceramic Toad House by Esschert Design
Some toads can eat about 110 beetles, ants, June bugs, grasshoppers, slugs, moths, sowbugs, armyworms and other bugs every day. That's around 3,300 every month! Toads are most active at night, so during the day they need a fairly dark, cool place to hide from the sun and predators. Encourage these bug-hungry hunters to have a nice long stay in your garden by providing these adorable toad houses.

Toad House Tips:

Place in a moist, shady area in your garden and before long you'll have a new neighbor.

After a few days, check to see if any of the debris in the house has been moved. Give it some time, but if it seems that no one has moved in, try moving your house to another location.

Toads drink by sitting in water and soaking it through their skin. Place a pie tin or clay saucer filled with water in a spot near the house, but that is hidden from your view.

If you want to really pamper your new tenant, put a battery-operated night light near the house. This will attract moths and other yummy snacks.
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