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Wild Animal-Opoly

Wild Animal-Opoly
Manufacturer: Late For The Sky
UPC: 730799050015
List Price: $27.30
You save $7.45
Price: $19.85
In Wild Animal-opoly instead of buying property, players become Caretakers of animals and pay Meal Fees. A player collects 4 Elements - the land, water, food and clean air that all animals need to survive and trade them in for a Habitat where an animal can survive on its own. Flip over the Animal Certificates and you'll find several fun facts about each animal. Did you know a polar bear has coal-black skin? Or that a flamingo is pink because it eats shrimp? How about the fact that a giraffe hoof is the size of a large dinner plate? For ages 8 to adult - 2 to 6 players.
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