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Seed Hoop 16 in

Seed Hoop 16 in
Product ID: SEIA30034
Manufacturer: Songbird Essentials
UPC: 804879300342
List Price: $26.25
You save $7.17
Price: $19.08
16 inch SeedHoop. Strap to your birdfeeder via 4 cords each 16 inches in length.

* Adapts to virtually all bird feeders
* Is durable, lightweight and sturdy
* Easy to attach or store
* Saves money, catching up to 90% of spilled seed
* Protects lawn and garden, protecting them from rotting seeds, weeds, and damage to grass
* No mess on the ground for you to have to clean up
* Serves as a platform feeder, keeping birds safe from ground predators
* Eliminates a food source for rodents
* Increases pleasure in bird watching, as more birds feed and they feed in full view

Enjoy feeding wild birds without all the mess and clean-up time. Seed Hoop hangs under virtually any feeder to collect spilled seed. Two sizes, one for feeders hung with shepherd hooks; the other works with virtually all other feeders even tube feeders.

The Seed Hoop base is made of lightweight exterior grade vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh which catches spilled seed but allows water to drain and seeds to dry. The Seed Hoop frame is made of lightweight tempered steel wire that provides flexibility so that it can be twist folded and collapsed to fit into a bag about 1/3 its expanded size. The 1/2 sleeve is made of exterior grade polyester, as is the storage bag. Heavy nylon straps sewn to the outer circumference, attach corrosion resistant D-rings to the hoop. The attaching hooks are also made of corrosion resistant metal. The round button cord snap and small connecting hooks are made of plastic. Cords are nylon.
New 16 diameter that is perfect for shepherd hooks and tube feeders!


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