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Inflatable Birdchaser Yellow

Inflatable Birdchaser Yellow
Product ID: TF97001
Manufacturer: Tanglefoot Bird Repellent
UPC: 18441970011
List Price: $11.24
You save $3.07
Price: $8.17
Balloon and ribbon repellers create optical and audible discomfort for nuisance birds, deer and geese. Easily attach to vertical structures, trees/shrubbery, boats, docks and more. The bright color, glaring eyes and waving streamers resemble a predator bird.

We've devised a safe, non-toxic method for discouraging nuisance birds from roosting in gardens, home orchards, berry patches and trees.

The Tanglefoot Inflatable Bird Chaser scares away flocks of birds who are repelled by its color and unusual design. The reflective foil eyes and gaping mouth suggest a much larger, predatory bird. Foil streamers and a bobbing motion will frighten birds immediately.

Made of durable vinyl, the Tanglefoot Inflatable Bird Chaser is effective when used in a variety of outdoor locations such as home orchards and gardens, berry patches, decks and patios, or swimming pools and boat docks.
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