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Common Loon 6" Bird Plush

Common Loon 6" Bird Plush
Product ID: WR63984
Manufacturer: Wild Republic
UPC: 92389639841
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The Audubon Common Loon bird plush comes with real bird call sound. This birdcall was produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This great Wild Republic Audubon plush bird also comes with it's own information card with tons of facts about the Common Loon! These water birds breed on lakes and rivers of the northern United States and Canada. They winter primarily along the coasts. Loons are about the size of large ducks and spend most of their time on the water. Excellent swimmers, they can dive deep and remain underwater for up to five minutes. They eat small fish, snails, crabs, and frogs. A distinct laughing sound is just one of the many calls Common Loons make.

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