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Bird Feeders
     »  Bluebird Feeders
               ***Protected Bluebird Jail Feeder
               Post Mount Bluebird Feeder
               Recycled Plastic Mealworm Feeder Green
               Vista-Dome Wild Bird Feeder
     »  Caged Bird Feeders
               B7 Domed Cage Feeder
               Fortress Bird Feeder
               Squirrel Dilemma Caged Bird Feeder
               Squirrel Stumper Feeder
               Sunflower Domed Cage
     »  Decorative Feeders
               Bastion Bird House
               Black Forest Mixed Seed Feeder
               Jardin Decoratif (Dragonfly 3-D)
               Jardin Decoratif (Lighthouse)
               Windamere Hanging Feeder
     »  Gazebo Bird Feeders
               Feeder Gazebo – Ivory Wild Bird Feeder
               Fly-Through Gazebo Feeder
               Gazebo Bird Feeder
               Gazebo Bird Feeder
               Gazebo Wood Feeder
               Large Gazebo Bird Feeder
               LeGrande Gazebo
               LeGrande Gazebo Deluxe
               Victorian Bird Feeder
     »  Hopper Feeders
               All Weather Feeder – 6 Qt. – Clear
               All Weather Feeder –4 Qt. - Clear
               Bamboo Grove Teahouse Bird Feeder
               Bronze 5 Tier No/No
               Bronze Hourglass No/No
               Bronze Lantern No/No
               Bronze No/No With Roof
               Bronze Tray No/No
               Brushed Copper Lantern Bird Feeder
               Cactus Dancers Teahouse Bird Feeder
               Carriage Feeder
               Carriage Lamp
               Cast Reel Bird Feeder
               Cathedral Bird Feeder
               Cedar Plantation Feeder w/2 Suet Baskets
               Chalet Bird Feeder
               Coach Lamp Bird Feeder
               Copper Top Ranch Style Feeder w/ Screen Base
               Dancing Sun Teahouse Bird Feeder
               Gingko Leaves Teahouse Bird Feeder
               Going Green Recycled Plastic Ranch Feeder
               Going Green Recycled Plastic Ranch Feeder w/Suet Cages
               Granary Style Bird Feeder
               Green & Black Finch Feeder
               Green 5 Tier No/No
               Green Hourglass Bird Feeder
               Green Lantern Feeder
               Green Tray Feeder
               Heron Willows Teahouse Bird Feeder
               Hourglass Bird Feeder
               Hummingbird Jolly Pop Red
               Hurricane Lantern Bird Feeder
               Hurricane Lantern Hummingbird Feeder
               Large Bin Feeder
               Large Cedar Plantation with 2 Suet Baskets
               Large Double Hopper Feeder w/Suet Cagesr-Hunter Driftwood
               Large Hopper Feeder
               Large Ranch Feeder. w/Suet Screen
               Mandarin Ala-Cart Dividers
               Mandarin Feeder (New Arch Ports)
               Mandarin Feeder w/Dividers New Arch Ports
               Mandarin Sky Café
               Mandarin Sky Café - Green
               Mandarin Sky Café with Dividers
               Meadow Rose Feeder
               Molded Large Hopper Feeder 2.5 Quart
               Molded Small Hopper Feeder w/Sloped Tray Hunter Driftwood
               Mountain Chapel Feeder
               No/No Feeder w/Roof Ext. Brass
               No/No Feeder w/Roof Ext. Grn.
               Paul Revere Colonial Feeder
               Prairie Style Feeder
               Ranch Style Feeder w/ Screen Base
               Recycled Hopper Feeder Hunter Green 4 Qt
               Recycled Hopper Feeder Hunter Green/Driftwood
               Recycled Plastic Premier Hopper Bird Feeder
               Recycled Plastic Tall Hopper Bird Feeder
               Recycled Plastic Triple Treat Feeder
               Recycled Tall Hopper Bird Feeder 4 Quart
               Recycled Tall Hopper Bird Feeder 4 Quart -HunterGreen/Driftwood
               Red & Brass 3 Tier Standard
               Red & Brass 3 Tier Super
               Red Bard Combo Feeder
               Red Cardinal Feeder
               Redwood Bird Feeder
               Seed ‘N More Steel Feeder
               Seed, Suet and Fruit Combo Cedar Feeder
               Sky Café Divider
               Small Hopper Feeder
               Songbird Lantern Bamboo Bird Feeder
               Songbird Lantern Big & Tall Bird Feeder
               Songbird Lantern Classic Bird Feeder
               Songbird Lantern Little Bird Feeder
               Songbird Lantern Nyger Bird Feeder
               Sunflower Basket
               Sunflower Tube Feeder
               Tall Tulip Garden Lantern Bird Feeder
               Tan Straight Sided Sunflower Tube
               The Jagunda with Auger
               The Lodge Cedar Feeder W/ Suet Holders
               The Monarch Electric Blue
               Tiny Jay Wood Feeder
               Tranquill Forest Teahouse Bird Feeder
               Tray Feeder
               Triple Bin Party Feeder
               Tulip Garden Lantern Bird Feeder
               Vine Maple Teahouse Bird Feeder
               Vintage Lure Bird Feeder
               Wrap Around Skirt
               Yellow Straight Sided Finch Feeder
     »  Replacement Parts
     »  Hummingbird Feeders
          »  Accessories
                    Ant-Off Ant Guard
                    Bee Guards Replacements – 4 Pack
                    Hummer Helper Hummer Helmet
                    HummerPlus Brush
                    Hummingbird Brush Kit
                    Hummingbird Feeder Brush
                    Hummingbird Feeder Cleaner-Feeder Wash 16 oz
                    Hummingbird/Oriole Feeder Cleaner 16 oz.
                    HummZinger Nectar Guard Tips
                    Nectar Guard Tips – Fits Droll Yankees Hummingbird Feeders
                    Nectar Protector Jr.- (set of 2)
                    Nectar Protector Jr. Orange (set of 2)
                    Nectar Protector Jr.-Clear (set of 2)
                    Nectar Protector Jr.-Green (set of 2)
                    Nectar Protector-Clear (set of 2)
                    Nectar Protector-Red (set of 2)
                    Orange Replacement Perch (consist of 3 perches, 3 toggles, and 1 wire)
                    Perfect Little Brush (to clean Hummer parts)
                    Small Yellow Flowers - Package of 9
                    Trap-It-Ant Trap, Green
                    Trap-It-Ant Trap, Green – set of 2
                    Trap-It-Ant Trap, Red
                    Trap-It-Ant Trap, Red – set of 2
                    Wood Anti-Ant Moat
          »  Blown Glass
                    Blooming Beauty BF Raspberry
                    Crackle HBF Bright Yellow
                    Fairy Dust Hummingbird Feeder
                    Jewel HBF Red
          »  Books & Media
          »  Bottle Style
                     Hummingbird Edition Feeder, 24 oz capacity
                    10 oz Elegant Antique Hummingbird Feeder
                    10 oz. Hand Painted Glass Hummingbird Feeder
                    16 oz Elegant Antique Glass Bottle Hummingbird Feeder
                    4 Fountain Hummingbird Feeder with Perch 8 oz
                    72 oz. Hummingbird Feeder
                    Apple Feeder 40oz.
                    Blossom Edition Hummingbird Feeder
                    Brushed Copper & Jewel Cut Ruby Glass Feeder
                    Brushed Copper & Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feeder
                    Conifer Hummingbird Feeder
                    Crystal Clear Glass Hummingbird Lantern Feeder
                    Crystal Lantern Hummingbird Feeder 8oz Glass
                    Dew Drop Hummingbird Feeder, 32 oz
                    Etched Crystal Clear Glass Hummingbird Lantern
                    Etched Glass Amethyst Hummingbird Lantern
                    Etched Glass Amethyst Hummingbird Lantern
                    Faceted Amethyst Glass Hummingbird Feeder
                    Faceted Cobalt Glass Hummingbird Feeder
                    Faceted Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feeder
                    Fliteline 30 oz. Hummingbird Feeder
                    Floral Appliqued Glass Hummingbird Lantern Feeder
                    Gadjit Soda Bottle Hummingbird Recycler Feeder
                    Glass & Metal Hummingbird Feeder - 12-oz. nectar capacity
                    Gold Non-etched Glass Hummingbird Lantern Feeder
                    Grand Master Hummingbird Feeder 48 oz
                    Harden Glass Hummingbird Feeder 16 oz
                    Hibiscus Hummingbird Feeder
                    Hour Glass Hummingbird Feeder 10 oz
                    Hummingbird Accent Basket Planter Feeder
                    Hummingbird Feeder 12 oz.
                    Hummingbird Feeder 16 oz.
                    Hummingbird Feeder 20 oz.
                    Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz Kit
                    Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz.
                    Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz. Lady Bug Design
                    Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz. Boxed Hummingbird
                    Lantern Design
                    Looking Glass Hummingbird Feeder, 32 oz
                    Magnolia Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeder. 24 ounce
                    Metro Seed Feeder
                    Original Glass Hummingbird Feeder, 30 oz
                    Paradise Tri-Etched Amethyst Glass Hummingbird Lantern
                    Paradise Tri-Etched Crystal Glass Hummingbird Lantern
                    Paradise Tri-Etched Ruby Glass Hummingbird Lantern
                    Paradise Tri-Etched Sapphire Glass Hummingbird Lantern
                    Plastic 3-Station Hummingbird Feeder, 8 oz.
                    Plastic Hummingbird Feeder w/Nectar 16 oz
                    Primrose Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeder. 16 ounce
                    Red Bird Hummingbird Feeder
                    Replacement 32 oz. Bottle
                    Replacement 8 oz. Bottle
                    Replacement Bottom
                    Ruby Crystal Spiral glass hummingbird feeder
                    Ruby Etched Glass Hummingbird Lantern
                    Ruby Hummingbird Lantern
                    Sapphire Hummingbird Lantern
                    Soda Bottle Window Hummingbird Feeder
                    Southwest Ruby Glass Hummingbird Lantern Feeder
                    Strawberry Feeder 12oz.
                    Strawberry Feeder 24oz.
                    Strawberry Feeder 24oz.
                    Strawberry Feeder 50oz-4 Perches
                    Strawberry Hummingbird Feeder 48 oz
                    The Original Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz
                    The Original Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz (Boxed)
                    The Original Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder 8 oz (Boxed)
                    The Original Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder 8 oz.
                    Violet Meadow Hummingbird Feeder
          »  Ceramic
          »  Dish or Saucer Style
                    Classic Hummingbird Feeder
                    Hummingbird Oasis 16 oz Feeder
                    HummZinger Excel Hummingbird Feeder, 16 oz
                    Hummzinger Fancy 12 oz. Red Hummingbird Feeder
                    HummZinger Mini Hummingbird Feeder, 8 oz
                    Humzinger Ultra Hummingbird Feeder, 12 oz
                    Little Fancy Rose 8 oz. Hummingbird Feeder
                    New Large Hummingbird Feeder
          »  Hummingbird Food
                    24 oz. Clear Nectar | SE629
                    32 oz. Clear RTU Hummingbird Nectar
                    32 oz. Orange Oriole Nectar
                    32 oz. Red RTU Hummingbird Nectar
                    64 oz. Clear RTU Nectar
                    8 oz Clear Hummingbird Nectar
                    8 oz Oriole Nectar
                    8 oz Red Hummingbird Nectar
                    8 oz. Pouch Best1 Nectar
                    Instant Nectar Jumbo Jar
                    Instant Nectar-Clear 8oz. Hummingbird Food
                    Instant Nectar-Red 8 oz. Hummingbird Food
                    Instant Oriole Nectar 8oz
                    Perky-Pet Original Instant Nectar 8 oz
                    Perky-Pet Original Instant Nectarr 5.3oz
          »  Kits & Packages
          »  Window-Mounted
                    Heart Window Feeder.12oz.
                    Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder
                    Soda Bottle Window Feeder Green
                    Strawberry Window Feeder 12oz
                    Window Hummingbird Feeder 8 oz
                    Window Hummingbird Feeder-Garden Song
                    Window Red Bird Hummingbird Feeder
     »  Oriole Feeders
               16 oz Oriole Feeder
               20 oz Sundance Top Fill Oriole Feeder
               24 oz. Glass Oriole Feeder
               Bird Feeding Pin (Set of 3)
               Brushed Copper Oriole Feeder
               Classic Oriole Feeder
               Deluxe Hexagon Oriole Feeder w/ Bee Guard, 36 oz
               Fliteline Junior 30 oz. Oriole Feeder
               Fliteline Oriole Feeder 48 oz.
               Fruit Feeder
               Fruit Feeder-Hunter Green
               Fruit Spear Flower Hanging
               Fruit Spear Twig Hanging
               Fruit Spear with Ceramic Bird
               Hexagon Oriole Feeder, 36 oz.
               Instant Oriole Nectar 8oz
               Jelly / Jam Feeder
               Orange Oriole Feeder. 40 oz.
               Oriole Feeder - Recycled Fruit Bird Feeders
               Oriole Feeder 24 oz.
               Oriole Feeder 32 oz
               The Oriole Feeder 16 oz.
     »  Platform / Tray Feeders
               16 in.x 20 in. Large Ground Bird Feeder A-Leg Style
               3 in 1 Cedar Platform Feeder
               Bunny Feeder
               Butterfly & Flowers/Purple Bird Feeder
               Cat Acrobat Bird Feeder
               Cat and Flower Feeder
               Compact Feeder Tray
               Dragonfly/Ladybug/Flowers-Red Bird Feeder
               Fly Through
               Fly Thru Feeder
               Fly Thru Feeder (Removable tray)
               Going Green Platform Feeder
               Ground Feeder Roof
               Ground Platform Feeder – Green
               Hanging Feeder Tray
               Hanging Jelly & Mealworm Feeder
               Mealworm Feeder
               Recycled Hanging Platform Feeder
               Recycled Large Hanging Platform Feeder
               Seed Saver Dome Blue
               Seed Saver Domed Feeder
               Small Ground Feeder A-Leg Style
     »  Specialty Bird Feeders
               Apple Bird Feeder
               Big Top Bird Feeder – New Green
               Cattail Wire Mesh Ground Stake Feeder
               Dorothy’s Cardinal Feeder
               Nugget Feeder
               Pineapple Bird Feeder
               Sunflower Stake Feeder
     »  Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders
          »  Baffle Style
          »  Caged Feeders
                    24 in. Cage
                    All Weather Feeder Squirrel Cage
                    Audubon Caged Seed Tube Feeder
                    Caged 6 Port Seed Tube Feeder
                    Caged Avian Mixed Seed Bird Feeder
                    Caged Screen Sunflower Tube Feeder
                    Caged Seed Tube Feeder
                    Squirrel Proof Caged Sunflower or Mixed Seed Bird Feeder
                    Squirrel-Proof Brushed Copper Seed Tube Bird Feeder
                    Vari-Crafts Caged Avian Mixed Seed Bird Feeder
          »  Electric or Motorized
                    AC/DC Adapter for the Yankee Flipper
                    Flipper Power Stick
                    Yankee Flipper
          »  Kits & Packages
          »  Weight-Sensitive Design
                    1st Birds Choice (Improved)
                    Absolute Combo (Pole & Hanger)
                    Bouncer Squirrel-Proof Feeder
                    Green Absolute II
                    Squirrel-Be-Gone I Feeder
                    Squirrel-Be-Gone II Feeder
                    Squirrel-Be-Gone III Wild Bird Feeder
                    Squirrel-Be-Gone Wild Bird Feeder
                    Super Stop-A-Squirrel Wild Bird Feeder
                    The Bird Shelter Squirrel Proof Feeder
                    The Breakaway Squirrel Proof Feeder
                    Vista Bird Feeder
                    Yankee Dipper 90 Degree
                    Yankee Tipper 360 Degree
                    Yankee Whipper 180 Degree
     »  Suet & Seed Cake Feeders
               Back to Back Suet Basket
               Copper Top Double Suet Cage
               Copper Top Single Suet Cage
               Decorative Leaf Double Suet Basket
               Decorative Leaf Suet Basket
               Deluxe Ball Plug Feeder
               Double Suet Feeder Recycled Plastic
               EZ Fill Green Color Basket
               Large Wire Feeder w/Roof and Platform
               Leaf and Vine Suet Feeder
               Peanut Butter Feeder
               Pole Mounted Suet Feeder
               Popoutz Suet Block Feeder
               Single Tube Suet Ball Feeder
               Small Upside Down Suet Feeder-Hunter Driftwood
               Small wire Feeder w/ Handle
               Small Wire Suet Basket
               Songbird Cedar Suet Log Feeder
               Songbird Cedar Suet Log with Perches
               Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder
               Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace
               Stainless Steel Suet Feeder
               Suet Basket with Copper Roof
               Suet Feeder
               Suet Feeder with Chain
               Suet Feeder with Chain 2 X 4.5 X 5"
               Suet Feeder with Pole Clamp
               Suet Feeder with Pole Clamp Double
               Suet Feeder with Tail Prop
               Suet Feeder with Tail Prop-Hunter Driftwood
               Suet Feeder-Double
               Suet Log – Upside Down
               Wire Feeder for 16 oz Finch Cake
               Wire Feeder for Large Cake
               Woodpecker Feeder. (Holds 3# Suet Cakes/Blocks)
               Woodpecker Suet Cake Holder w/Tail Prop
     »  Tube Bird Feeders
          »  Nyjer/Thistle Tube Feeders
                    15 in.Grn Metal Thistle Feeder, 6 Ports
                    15in. Nyjer For Finches
                    15in. Red Bird Lovers Nyjer
                    15in. Yellow Bird Lovers Nyjer
                    17 in. Green Spiral Finch Tube Feeder
                    17in. Copper Spiral Thistle Feeder
                    17in. Yellow Spiral Finch Tube
                    23 in. Green Metal Thistle Feeder, 8 Ports
                    23in. Yellow Bird Lovers Nyjer
                    36in. Yellow Spiral Finch Tube
                    8in. Nyjer For Finches
                    8in. Red Bird Lovers Nyjer
                    8in. Yellow Bird Lovers Nyjer
                    Audubon Thistle Tube Feeder
                    Birch Log – Thistle / Nyjer Seed - Wild Bird Feeder
                    Burgundy Thistle Feeder 15 in.
                    Burgundy Thistle Feeder 23 in.
                    Copper Finches Favorite 3-tube
                    Copper Top Thistle Mini Tube Feeder
                    Copper Top Thistle Tube Feeder
                    Deluxe Metal Upside Down Goldfinch Feeder
                    Finch Magic Thistle Sack
                    Finch Magic Thistle Sack White
                    Finches Favorite, 12in. Single Tube Feeder
                    Finches Favorite, 3 Tube Feeder
                    Garden Song Finch Feeder
                    Gold Thistle Feeder 23 in.
                    Green Steel Magnum Thistle Feeder
                    Jumbo Finch Magic Thistle Sack
                    Jumbo Holiday Thistle Sack Green and Red/Gift Sack
                    Jumbo Holiday Thistle Sack Red and Green/Gift Sack
                    Jumbo Thistle Sack White
                    Junior Holiday Thistle Sack Green and Red
                    Little-Bit Feeders - Finch Feeder
                    Magnum Thistle Feeder 1 Pt.
                    Magnum Thistle Feeder 4 Qt.
                    Nyjer Feeder 15in. Platinum
                    Nyjer Feeder 8 in Yellow
                    Nyjer, Mesh Feeder Medium
                    Nyjer, Mesh Feeder Small
                    ONYX 2.75 in dia. 12 in Tube 2 port Nyjer Seed Feeder w/removable Base
                    ONYX 2.75 in dia. 18 in Tube 4 port Nyjer Seed Feeder w/removable Base
                    ONYX 2.75 in dia. 24 in Tube 6 port Nyjer Seed Feeder w/removable Base
                    Refillable Thistle Sack
                    Soda Bottle Thistle Feeder Yellow
                    Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder
                    Super Jumbo Thistle Sack
                    Thistle Feeder
                    Thistle Sack with 2 Clip Strips
                    Thistle Sack-Yellow-Floral
                    Thistle Tube Large Antique Brass
                    Thistle Tube Large Brushed Nickel
                    Thistle Tube Medium Antique Brass Quick Clean Base
                    Thistle Tube Medium Brushed Nickel Quick Clean Base
                    Thistle Tube Small Antique Brass Quick Clean Base
                    Thistle Tube Small Brushed Nickel Quick Clean Base
                    Tube Feeder & Tray Yellow
                    Upside-Down Finch Feeder
                    Upside-Down Goldfinch Feeder, Yellow (Anti-House Finch Feeder)
                    Yellow Dome Top Thistle Finch Feeder
                    Yellow Metal Thistle Feeder. 15 in.
                    Yellow Metal Thistle Feeder. 36 in.
          »  Peanut Tube Feeders
                    Burgundy Peanut Feeder 13 in.
                    Double Snack Bar Feeder
                    New Gen-Metal 13 in., Green Peanut
                    Peanut Silo Bird Feeder, Medium
                    Peanut Silo Bird Feeder, Small
          »  Sunflower/Mixed Tube Feeders
                    10" Sunflower Seed and Peanut Feeder
                    15in. Red Bird Lovers Seed
                    15in. Yellow Bird Lovers Seed
                    17 in. Green Spiral Sunflower Feeder
                    17in. Copper Peanut Feeder
                    17in. Copper Spiral Sunflower Feeder
                    17in. Red Spiral Sunflower Feeder
                    17in. Silver Peanut Feeder
                    20 in. Tubular
                    23in. Yellow Bird Lovers Seed
                    8in. Red Bird Lovers Seed
                    8in. Yellow Bird Lovers Seed
                    Audubon Seed Tube Feeder w/ Metal Ports
                    Beck's Chickadee Feeder RED
                    Birch Log – Mixed Seed - Wild Bird Feeder
                    BRONZE Mega Tube Feeder 6 ports
                    Chickadee Feeder
                    Clingers Only (Green)
                    Clingers Only (Red)
                    Clingers Only (yellow)
                    Cobalt Twin Feeder
                    Copper Garden Seed Feeder
                    Copper Meadow Seed Feeder
                    Copper Top Brushed Copper Sunflower Bird Feeder
                    Copper Top Sunflower Mini Tube
                    Dine Around Window Feeder
                    Evenseed Silo Feeder
                    Executive Tubular 30 in. Feeder
                    EZ Fill Bird Feeder Sunflower/Safflower
                    Festival 2-in-1 Bird Feeder, Copper
                    Flowers & Butterflies Ceramic Feeder
                    Fluted Blue Illuminarie Glass Feeder
                    Fluted Green Illuminarie Glass Feeder
                    Gadjit Soda Bottle Feeder
                    Green Steel Magnum Sunflower Feeder
                    Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder 8 in.
                    Illuminarie Blue Swirl Bird Feeder
                    Illuminarie Green Swirl Bird Feeder
                    Large Heavy Duty Seed Feeder.-Copper Finish
                    Little-Bit Feeders - Seed Feeder
                    Little-Bit Feeders - Sunflower Feeder
                    Magnum Sunflower Feeder 1 Pt.
                    Magnum Sunflower Feeder 4 Qt.
                    Mega Tube Wild Bird Feeder
                    Metal Soda Bottle Feeder
                    Mixed Seed Tube Bird Feeder 3 qt Green
                    ONYX 2.75 in dia. 12 in Tube 2 port Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder w/removable Base
                    ONYX 2.75 in dia. 18 in Tube 4 port Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder w/removable Base
                    ONYX 2.75 in dia. 24 in Tube 6 port Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder w/removable Base
                    Popoutz Seed & Mealworm Feeder
                    Prairie Style Seed Tube Feeder
                    Recycled Deluxe Tube Feeder w/Seed Tray (Holds 4 qts.of seed)
                    Recycled Roof Seed Tube Bird Feeder 1 Qt.
                    Red Peanut Feeder
                    Red Rock Twin Feeder
                    Reservoir Inserts
                    Ring Pull 15 in Forest Green
                    Ring Pull 15 in Midnight Blue
                    Ring Pull 23 in Midnight Blue
                    Seed Tube Large Antique Brass Quick Clean Base
                    Seed Tube Large Brushed Nickel Quick Clean Base
                    Seed Tube Medium Antique Brass Quick Clean Base
                    Seed Tube Medium Brushed Nickel Quick Clean Base
                    Seed Tube Small Antique Brass Quick Clean Base
                    Seed Tube Small Brushed Nickel Quick Clean Base
                    Select A Bird Tube Feeder w/Metal Finish
                    Sierra Bird Feeder with Optional Thistle Ports
                    Soda Bottle Hanging Feeder
                    Soda Bottle Jumbo Bird Feeder Green
                    Spiral Whole Peanut Feeder - Jumbo
                    Squirrel Buster Classic
                    Squirrel Buster Mini
                    Squirrel Buster Plus
                    Stokes Select Giant Combo Feeder
                    Sunflower Feeder 15 in. Green
                    Sunflower Feeder 23 in., Green
                    Sunflower Feeder 8 in. Green
                    Sunflower Feeder Burgundy Seed 15 in.
                    Sunflower Feeder Burgundy Seed 23 in.
                    Sunflower Feeder. Burgundy Seed 8 in.
                    Super Spiral 18in. Sunflower Feeder
                    Super Spiral 18in. Sunflower Feeder/Twirl A Squirrel Combo
                    Top Flight Copper Triple Tube Feeder
                    Triple Tube Bird Feeder
                    Triple Tube Seed Feeder
                    Tube Feeder & Tray Red
                    Ultimate Woodpecker Feeder
                    Vari-Crafts Avian Mixed Seed Bird Feeder
                    Woodpecker Feeder
                    xxxxxxxGreen Swirl Glass Feeder
                    Yellow Jacket Trap Bait
     »  Window Bird Feeders
               2 Way Window Mirror 20x12
               Buffet, Double Seed Tray
               Cedar Window Feeder
               Clear Window Feeder
               Observer Window Feeder
               Suction Cups
               Window Bird Feeder
               Window Cafe Hopper - Transparent Window Feeder
               Window Feeder Seed Tray
               Window Suction Cup Hanger
Bird Houses
     »  Accessories
               1 9/16in. Round Metal Portal Protector
               3B 16 oz. Spray Bottles
               Bird House Mount w/Screws
               Bird House/Bird Feeder Cleaner 8 oz.
               Birdhouse Birdfeeder Cleaner 4 oz
               Guard Protector – Bluebird Box
               Portal Protector 1 1/2 in (Metal)
               Portal Protector 1 1/4 in (Metal)
               Portal Protector 1 1/8 in. (Metal)
               Seed & Hull Digester 32 oz.
               Stokes Select Vertical Birdhouse Mounting Platform
     »  Bluebird Houses
               12in. Flower Illustration Bluebird Nest Box
               12in. Plain Bluebird Nest Box
               Bluebird Box – Screen Top
               Bluebird House
               Bluebird House
               Bluebird House
               Bluebird Inn
               Bluebird Nesting Box Two Toned Ivory/Green
               Cedar Bluebird House
               Copper Top Bluebird House
               Copper Top Bluebird House
               Going Green Bluebird House
               Recycled Bluebird Nesting Box Hunter Green
               Traditional Bluebird House
               Western Bluebird Ultimate Bluebird House
     »  Decorative Bird Houses
               2 Hole Wine Birdhouse Blue Green
               Bellport Cottage Bird Feeder White
               Chapel Bell Birdhouse- No Bracket
               Christmas Wren Cottage- Removable Wreath Detail
               Clubhouse Birdhouse
               Gazebo Birdfeeder
               Gingerbread Cottage
               Gingerbread House Birdhouse
               Kingsgate Cottage
               Natural Cabin Birdhouse
               Pig Birdhouse
               Retro Birdhouse Starfish Small
               Shotgun Cottage Birdhouse White w/Lavender
               The Manor
               Victorian Cottage Birdhouse
               Victorian Manor
     »  Duck Houses
     »  Songbird Houses
               10in. Bird Illustration Nest Box
               10in. Flower Illustration Nest Box
               10in. Plain Nest Box
               Audubon Cedar Wren/Chickadee House
               Audubon Traditional Wren House
               Birdhouse Flower Top
               Cedar Mini Wren House
               Cedar Wren House
               Copper Top Chick/Wren House
               Coppertop Hanging Wren House
               Deluxe Twin Hopper Feeder
               Hiking Boot Birdhouse
               Horsey Barn Birdhouse
               Hunting Shell Birdhouse
               Large Mouth Bass Birdhouse
               Mini Birds Nest
               Mirrored Nesting Birdhouse
               Muddled Moose Birdhouse
               Nest Pocket Coconut Fiber w/roof
               Nest Pocket Sea Grass w/roof
               Nest View Bird House
               Recycled Molded Wren House Hunter/Ivory
               Robins Roost
               Small Nesting Box Bird House
               Songbird Cedar Chickadee Habitat
               Swallow Nest
               Terra Cotta Colonial Jug Birdhouse 1.25in. opening
               Woodlink House - Winter Roosting - Bluebird - Tree Swallow
               Wren House
     »  Nesting Materials
               Best Nest Builder
               Bird Nester Wire
               Birdie Bell Only
               Birdie Bell w/nesting Material
               Hummer Helper Cage and Nesting
               Hummer Helper Nest Material Refill
               Nester Refill
               Nesting Material
               Nesting Material Refill
               Nesting Material Wreath
     »  Owl Houses
     »  Purple Martin Houses
          »  Conventional Martin Houses
                    Alamo House with Crescent Doors ***
                    Alamo House with Round Doors
                    Aluminum 24 Room
                    Aluminum 6 Room
                    Aluminum Purple Martin 12 Room
                    Aluminum Purple Martin 18 Room
                    Cedar Martin House 12 Room
                    Cedar Martin House, Starling Resistant
                    Clubhouse Birdhouse for Purple Martins
                    Deluxe Convertible 6/12 Room
                    Goliad 4 Room Add-A-Floor w/Crescent Doors
                    Goliad 4 Room Add-A-Floor w/Round Door
                    Goliad House with Crescent Doors ***
                    Goliad House with Round Doors
                    Goliad Jr. 8 rm. Crescent
                    Goliad Jr. 8 rm. Round
                    Martin Housing Pod (4 units w/pod)
                    Plastic Martin House 12 room
          »  Gourds & Gourd Rack Systems
                    Clip on Porches for Crescent Gourds
                    Gourd Door-Crescent Shape
                    Gourd Rack – Pole not included
                    Natureline Sixteen Gourd Rack System without Pole
          »  Kits and Packages
          »  Books & Media
          »  Martin House Accessories
                    Crescent Shaped Starling Replacement Door Excluder
                    Door Spring Latches
                    Door Stop
                    Extended Perching Rods-12 Inch
                    Martin House Protector 16 oz
                    Protective Railing
                    Purple Martin Decoy
                    Purple Martin Starling Excluder Door
                    Removable Nest Tray 12 in. Deep
                    Replacement Doors w/Crescent Alamo ***
                    Replacement Doors w/Crescent Goliad ***
                    Replacement Doors w/Round Alamo
                    Replacement Doors w/Round Goliad
                    Sparrow Trap 2 compartment
                    Sparrow Trap Metal
          »  Poles & Pole Accessories
                    30 in. Ground Socket (Pre July 2004)
                    New 30 in. Ground Socket(After 6/2004)
                    Predator Guard 1¾ in. Round Nature House
                    Predator Guard 2 ½ in. Round Heritage Farms
                    Predator Guard Custom(Need size of Pole)
                    Predator Guard Square
                    Purple Martin Pole System
                    The Pole System (Includes Winch & Ground Socket)
                    Top Perch Unit
                    Winch Nature House
                    Winch/Cable Kit
Bird Feeder Accessories
     »  Domes & Baffles
               12in. Hanging Baffle
               15 in. Squirrel Guard Pole Mount
               16in. Clear Plastic Squirrel Baffle
               18 in. Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle
               20in. Hanging Baffle
               4x4 Post Mount Squirrel Baffle 22 inch
               Fancy 14in. Swirl Dome
               Hanging Squirrel Deflector Baffle
               Humbrella Rain/Weather Dome
               Hummer Hat
               Mandarin Hanging Baffle
               Mandarin Hanging Baffle–Green
               New Super Dome Baffle
               Pole Baffle
               Seattle Rain Dome
               Squirrel Baffle
               Squirrel Baffle Deflector 4 x 4 w/Clamp
               Squirrel Baffle for Hanging wild Bird Feeder
               Squirrel Guard Black
               Squirrel Guard Dome – Green
               Squirrel Slinky
               Standard Hook
               Super Tube Top II
               Torpedo Squirrel Baffle
               Transparent Squirrel Baffler
               Tube Top Weather Dome
               Universal Clamp Cover with Clamp
               Weather Dome
               Weather Shield
               Wrap-Around Black Squirrel Baffler
     »  Hooks & Hangers
               10 in. Straight Hanger
               12 in. Extension Hook
               12 in. Extension Hook
               12 in. Hook Upturn Angled Hanger
               12 in. Limb Protector
               12 in. Straight Hanger
               12in. Cable Hanger
               15 in. Hook Upturn Straight Hanger
               18 in. Extension Hook
               18 in. Limb Protector
               22 in. Swivel Hangman Wall Mount
               24 in. Branch Hook
               24 in. Curved Hanger
               24 in. Extension Hook
               24 in. Limb Protector
               30 in. Limb Protector
               36 in Extended Reach Deck Hook, Black
               36 in Extended Reach Wall Bracket, Black
               36 in. Limb Protector
               4 in. S-Hook with 1 in. Opening
               5 in. Ceiling Hook
               6 in. Extension Hook
               6 in. Hook Upturn Angled Hanger
               6 in. Hook Upturn Angled Hanger
               6 in. S-Hook with 1 in. Opening
               8 in. S-Hook with 1 in. Opening
               Cat & Ladybug Small Hook
               Clear Acrylic Window Hanger
               Curved Hanger Upturn Hook 12 in.
               Curved Hanger Upturn Hook 18 in.
               Curved Hanger Upturn Hook 9 in.
               Double Arm Mount and Hanger (Adds 16 in. Arm to DCH)
               Downturn Curved Hook 8 in. Bracket Hanger
               Extension Hook 48 in.
               Flamingo Small Hook
               Frog Hook
               Hanger-Bracket Assembly (Brite Zinc)
               Hook Flared S 8 in. (Replaces FSH)
               Hummingbird/Red Flower-Sm Garden Hook
               J Hook w/Flared End
               Ladybug-Small Garden Hook
               Locking Chain 18in.
               Metal Covered Perch
               Multi Position Hook
               S-Hook 30
               Sky Hook, 52 in.
               Stokes Select 12 in Snap-On Hanger
               Stokes Select Double Hanger With Pole Extender
               Super Link
               Triple Hook Assembly
               Window Glass Hanger
               Wooden Perch
     »  Poles & Deck Clamps
               18 in Extention For Magnum Crane Poles
               36 in. Adj Deck Hook – Double
               60 in. Crane Single
               60-90 in. Adjustable Crane Double Shepherd Hook
               60-90 in. Adjustable Crane Single Shepherd Hook
               90 Crane with Hummingbird Double
               90 in. Crane
               90 in. Crane with Hummingbird Single
               90 in. Garden Pole 1 in. OD-3 piece
               Adjustable 36 in. Deck Hanger
               All Weather Feeder Pole Mount
               Angled Deck Rail Hook w/Clamp for 2x4 Rail
               Arundale Pole Mount Kit
               Audubon Bird of Paradise Yard Hanger, Black, 6' 5.5"H
               Bird House or Feeder Post Mount Box
               Birdhouse Pole Set
               Classic Pedestal/Tall
               Collect Fastener For 1 in. OD Pole
               Collect Fastener for 7/8 in. Pole
               Corkscrew In-Ground Base
               Deck Mount Bracket
               Garden Pole Adapter
               Ground Screw for 4 x 4 Post
               Heath Martin House Pole, 15'
               Hook for Fence/Deck
               Magnum Crane 1 Hook
               Magnum Crane 2 Hooks
               Metal Twig Stake Large
               Metal Twig Stake Small
               Mounting Plate
               Mounting Pole
               New Complete Clamp
               Pole Section
               Rail Mount Bird Bath Bracket
               Round Flange for 4 x 4 Post
               Sheperd's Envy Pole
               Single Arm Mount and Hanger
               Single Position Display Base Green
               Square Platform 4 in.
               Squeeze Clamp
               Squirrel Stopper Black
               Stokes Select Bird Feeder Pole Kit 6'4" x 1" O.D.
               The Liberty Sheperds Pole
               The Squirrel Stopper (White)
               Ultimate Pole Auger
               Ultimate Yard System
               Universal Mounting Bracket
               Universal Pole Kit
               Universal Pole Mount
               Universal Pole Mount
               Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit
               Wrought Iron 3-Arm Tree 96 in.
               Wrought Iron Shepherd Hook 48 in.
               Wrought Iron Shepherd Hook 70 in.
               Wrought Iron Shepherd Hook 90 in.**Double
               Wrought Iron Shepherd Hook 90 in.**Single
     »  Bird Feeder Pole Systems
          »  Achla Designs
          »  Droll Yankees
     »  Seed Trays & Dishes
               10.5in. Clear Screw-On Seed Tray
               B-Tray Connector
               Cardinal Perch Ring
               Clear Screw-On Seed Tray(Fits all Songbird Essentials BirdQuest feeders)
               Clever Clean Seed Tray
               Fancy 10in. Swirl Tray Seed Catcher
               Omni Seed Tray
               Red Seed Tray
               Ring Pull Perch Ring
               Round Seed Tray (8.5 in. diameter)
               Seed Hoop 16 in
               Seed Hoop 30 in
               Seed Saucer Green
               Seed Tray 7 ½ in. A 6T A 6 SEED TRAY
               Universal Seed Tray with Screws 13 in.
               Water Dish
     »  Bird Feeder Brushes & Cleaning Suppplies
               16oz. Fountain Clear
               32 oz. Bird Bath & Statuary
               32oz. Bird House/Bird Feeder. Cleaner
               4oz. Bird Bath Clear
               Best Hummer Brush
               Best Hummer Brush Kit
               Best Long Brush
               Best Port & Bee Guard Brush
               Best Two In One Brush
               Biological Mosquito Control .05 for birdbath
               Bird Bath Brush
               Birdfeeder Brush, 24 in.
               Poop-Off Anywhere Wipes Bird Poop Remover 70 wipes
               Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover 16 oz Brush Top
               Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover 32 oz Spray Top
               Scoot Bird Feeder Cleaner 14 oz.
               Super Long Brush (36 in.)
Bird Baths
     »  Accessories
               Aurora Water Wiggler (lighted)
               Birdbath Protector – Samples
               Birdbath Protector 4 oz.
               Birdbath Protector 8 oz.
               Birdbath/Statuary Cleaner
               Cannonball River Rock Bird Bath Fillers
               Feeder Fresh 9 oz.
               Hose Brush
               Mosquito Free 33.9 oz.
               Water Wiggler without Sensor
     »  Fountain Bird Baths
     »  Heated Bird Baths
               12 in. Heated Bird Bath w/Metal Stand
               20 in. EZ Deck Tilt & Clean – Heated
               20 in. Heated Bird Bath w/Metal Stand
               All Seasons Birdbath w/Deck Mount and Feeder (Tan)
               Black Mounting Bracket
               Four Seasons Heated Bird Bath, 14"
               Four Seasons Sand Coated Ground Birdbath Tan
               Heated Bird Bath (20 in.) w/Hardware
               Heavy Duty Plastic Pedestal For HBC120
               Heavy Duty Plastic Pedestal For HBI150
               Pedestal and Bowl - Heated
               Scalloped Birdbath w/Deck Mount Gray Stone
               Wild Bird Deluxe Solar Sipper (Red)
               Wild Bird Super Solar Sipper (White)
     »  Heaters & Deicers
               Bird Bath De-Icer (200 Watts)
               Bird Bath De-Icer 250 Watts
               Bird Bath Deicer, Alum. (150Watts)
               Deicer Bird Bath (44 Watts)
               The Heated Rock Birdbath Deicer (Thermostatically controlled to work at 35 deg)
     »  Non-Heated Bird Baths
               14 in. Non-Heated Bird Bath Deck/Pole
               20 in. Bird Bath w/ Metal Stand (non-heated)
               20 in. EZ Deck Tilt & Clean – Non-Heated
               Bird Bath & Waterer
               Burnt Copper Bird Bath
               Copperplated Steel Birdbath
               Crackle Glass Bowl Cobalt Blue (no cradle)
               Crackle Glass Bowl Fern Green (no cradle)
               Deluxe Birdbath
               EZ Deck Mount for 20 in. Bird Bath
               Flowers & Butterfly Ceramic Birdbath
               Glazed Bird Bath-Blue
               Greenleaf Birdbath
               Hammered Copper Bowl
               Illuminarie Blue Swirl Bird Bath w/KD Stake
               Illuminarie Red Swirl Bird Bath w/KD Stake
               Kozyfill Auto Birdbath Filler
               Lily Pedestal Bird Bath, Antique Copper
               Moon Bunny Small
               Neo Classic Black Granite Birdbath
               NinArt Bird Bath - Sunflower
               Pedestal Bird Bath Antique Bronze
               Pedestal Bird Bath Verdigris
               Scallop Shell Bird Bath
               Soda Bottle Watering Well
               Solar Fountain Bird Bath Country Gardens
               Solid Copper Birdbath with Iron Twig Base
               Water Rippling Bird Bath
               ZBB-0102, Hanging Bird Bath, Large NF101C
     »  Stands & Pedestals
               Bird Bath Cradle
               Bird Bath Hanging Ring
     »  Drippers, Misters, Water Movers
               Copper Dripper/Fountain Hummingbird
               Copper Dripper/Fountain Lotus
Books & Media
     »  Books
               2009 Butterflies Calendar
               2010 Backyard Birds Calendars
               2010 Butterfly Calendar
               2010 Garden Birds Calendar
               A Guide To Bird Homes
               A Guide To Night Sounds w/CD
               An Egg is Quiet
               An Identif. Guide to Common Backyard Birds
               Animals Nobody Loves
               Audubon Familiar Birds-Eastern
               Audubon Familiar Birds-Western
               Audubon Familiar Butterflies of NA
               Audubon NA Bird of Prey
               Audubon Songbirds & Fam. Backyard Birds-East
               Baby Animals Ultimate Sticker
               Backyard Bird Watcher's Answer Guide
               Backyard Bird Watching For Kids
               Beginner Guide to Bird Feeding
               Beginners Guide to Hummingbirds
               Beginners Guide to Shore Birds
               Beginners Guide Western
               Beginners Guide-Eastern
               Beginning Guide to Bats
               Beginning Guide to Dragonflies
               Bird Brain- Teasers
               Bird Feeder Book
               Bird Feeders-Shelters & Baths-25 Projects
               Bird Food Recipes
               Bird House & Feeders You Can Make
               Bird Watching For Kids
               Bird-by-Bird Gardening
               Birds Fandex Family Bird Guide
               Bluebird Book
               Bugs (Pop-Up)
               Building Bat Houses
               Butterfly Book
               Complete Bird House Book
               Creating Your Backyard Bird Garden
               Eastern Birds Lg Format Edition
               Eastern Birds’ Nests
               Easy To Build Bird Baths
               Easy To Build Bird Feeders
               Easy To Build Bird Houses
               Enjoying Bird Feeding More
               Enjoying Bluebirds More
               Enjoying Butterflies More
               Enjoying Cardinals More
               Enjoying Hummingbirds
               Enjoying Hummingbirds More
               Enjoying Purple Martins More
               Enjoying Squirrels More (Or Less)
               Enjoying Woodpeckers More
               Family Butterfly Book
               Feeder Birds Eastern-Large
               Field Guide to Warbler
               Fine Feathered Friends (The Cat in the Hat)
               Flap Your Wings (The Cat in the Hat)
               For The Birds A Month-by-Month Guide to Attracting Birds To Your Backyard
               Garden Birds of America 2nd Ed
               Gardening to Attract Birds
               Grow A Butterfly Garden
               Grow A Hummingbird Garden
               Guide To Ducks And Geese
               Gulls Of The Americas
               Hawks Aloft
               Helping Orphaned or Injured Birds
               How Do Birds Find Their Way
               Hummingbird Book
               Hummingbirds of N.A.
               If I Ran the Rain Forest (The Cat in the Hat)
               In My Nest
               Just Girlfriends
               Just Sisters
               Kaufman FG Birds of North America New Style
               Kaufman Field Guide to Butterflies of N.A.
               Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of N.A.
               Kitten Sticker Book
               Little Bee Finger Puppet Book
               Little Butterfly Finger Puppet Book
               Little Duck Finger Puppet Book
               Little Ladybug Finger Puppet Book
               Little Spider Finger Puppet Book
               Minnesota Bird Watching
               Missouri Bird Watching
               National Audubon Guide-East
               National Audubon Guide-West
               National Audubon Society Field Guide to Southeast United States
               National Geographic Carolinas Field Guide
               National Geographic Field Guide Birds N.A. 5th
               North American Birds Sticker Book
               Original Birdhouse Book
               Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America
               Peterson Field Guide To Eastern Trees
               Projects For The Birder's Garden
               Puppy Sticker Book
               Purple Martin Book
               Reptiles & Amphibians Color-In-Book
               Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern N.A.
               Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western N.A.
               Sibley’s Birding Basics
               Smithsonian Field Guide To The Birds of N. America
               The Backyard Bird-Lovers Guide
               The Bald Eagle Returns
               The Best Nest (The Cat in the Hat)
               The Calls of Frogs and Toads w/CD
               Tree Fandex
               Understanding Bats
               United Tweets of America
               Water Fowl Identification
               Welcome To The World of Hummingbirds
               Wild Bird Guides-Black Capped Chickadee
               Wild Bird Guides-Northern Cardinal
               Wild Guide Owls
               Wildflower Color-In-Book
               Wildflower Fandex
               Wildlife Gardeners Guide Hummingbirds
               xxxxxBulletin Counter Display
               Young Naturalist Birds of Prey
               Young Naturalist Bizarre Birds
               Young Naturalist Caterpillars
               Young Naturalist Song Birds
               Young Naturalist-Backyard Bird
     »  Book Marks
               Bald Eagle Flying
               Bald Eagle Portrait
               Basset Puppy
               Beagle In Basket
               Boston Terrier
               Bulldog Puppy
               Chihuahua Peppita
               Chihuahua Puppy
               Choc. & Black Lab Puppies
               Collie Puppy
               Corgie Puppy
               Cow With Calf (Brown)
               Dachshund Puppy
               Doberman Puppy
               Double Trouble (2 Tiger Kittens)
               English Bull Terrier Puppy
               Flower Garden Kitten
               Freedom Bald Eagle
               German Shepherd Pup w/Bandana
               Golden Retriever
               Great Gray Owl
               Jack Russell Smart Puppies
               Let's Go For A Picnic
               Look At Me
               Looking For Trouble
               Macaw Hyacinth Blue
               Macaw Red Scarlet Macaw
               Old English Sheepdog Puppy
               Penguin 2 Adults
               Penguin With Baby
               Pomeranian Puppy
               Puffins' Chat
               Pug Puppy (Fawn)
               Rainbow Lorikeet
               Rocking Away / Cat
               Rottweiler Puppy
               Shih Tzu Puppy (Ready To Play)
               Smart Kitty
               The Smart Calico
               Two Calves (Brown & Black)
               Westie West Highland Terrier
               Yellow Lab Puppy
               Yorkshire Terrier
     »  CDs
     »  DVD
     »  Games
     »  Posters
Backyard Wildlife
     »  Bee Houses
               Mason Bee Lodge
     »  Butterfly Feeders
               Butterfly Feeder
               Cedar Butterfly Habitat
     »  Butterfly House
               Butterfly House
               Butterfly Shelter
               Hanging Butterfly House
     »  Ladybug Houses
     »  Ladybug Lure
     »  Bats & Bat Houses
               Bat Attic Jr.
               Bat Bungalow
               Bat House
               Bat Shelter
               Colony Bat House
               Recycled 4-Chamber Bat House Green
               Recycled 4-Chamber Bat House-Driftwood
               Single Compartment Bat House
     »  Squirrel Feeders
               Chain Corn Feeder
               Chair and Table Feeder
               Chuck-A-Nut Feeder & 1# Feed
               Chuck-A-Nut Squirrel Condo
               Cobs-A-Twirl-Hunter Green
               Corn Trapper Squirrel Feeder - Green
               Duet Diner Squirrel Feeder
               Ear Corn Holder
               Flying Trapeze
               Munch N'View
               See Saw Feeder
               Squirrel A Whirl
               Squirrel Diner 2
               Squirrel Go Round Feeder
               Squirrel Jar Feeder
               Squirrel Munch Box
               Squirrel Munch House
               Squirrel Spinner
               Squirrel Throne
               Squngee Deluxe
               Stokes Select Tractor Cob Feeder
               Sweet Corn Squirrel Log w/hanger
     »  Toad House
               Ceramic Toad House
Fountain & Pond
     »  Accessories
               4oz. Tabletop Fountain Clear
               Biological Mosquito Control 2 oz for Fountains
               Fountain Protector – Samples
               Fountain Protector 4 oz.
               Fountain/Pond Protector 16 oz.
               Jumbo Bale Barley Straw
               Mini Bales Barley Straw (2 per unit)
               Pond Protector Concentrate 32 oz.
               Super Mini Bales Barley Straw (2 per unit)
     »  Cascade
     »  Cleaners
     »  Deicers
               250 Watt Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Heater / Deicer
               750 Watt Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Heater / Deicer
               Bird Bath Ice Eliminator (Thermostatically controlled to work at 35 deg.)
               Deicer (500 Watt)
               Deicer Submergible (250 Watts)
               Floating Pond Deicer (1250 Watts)
               Floating Tank De-Icer 1000 Watts
               Guard for Floating De-Icer
               Guard for Floating De-Icer
               Heated Pond Saucer
               Patio Pond Deicer
               Pond Breather/Winterizer
               Pond Deicer - Cast Aluminum
               Thermo Pond Heater Floating Pond De-Icer 100 watts
     »  Dripper
     »  Fountains
               12 inch Three-Arm Spout & Pump Kit
               18 inch Three-Arm Spout & Pump Kit
               Bamboo Accent’s Water Spout 12 inch Adjust Spout & Pump Kit
               Bamboo Accent’s Water Spout 18 inch Adjust Spout & Pump Kit
               Bamboo Accent’s Water Spout 7 inch Adjustable Spout & Pump Kit
     »  Mosquito Control
     »  Pump Covers
     »  Solar Fountains
               Toskana SunJet 150 Mini Solar Pump Kit
     »  Table Fountain
Gifts & Apparel
     »  Aprons
     »  Bags
     »  Balloons
     »  Beverage Holder
     »  Bookmarks
               Paperclip / Bookmark, Gecko Beaded
     »  Bowls
     »  Boxes
     »  Butterflies
     »  Can Cooler
     »  Candle Holders
     »  Candles
     »  Ceramic Mug
     »  Coasters
     »  Coin/Key Case
     »  Crickets
     »  Cutting Boards
     »  Dinnerware
     »  Doormats
     »  Doorstops
     »  Dragonflies
     »  Flag Brackets
               1/2in. Tractor Deck Mount
               14in. Garden Flag Window Display
               3 pc Collapsible Garden Flag Pole
               3 pc Collapsible Reinforced Garden Flag Pole
               60in. 2 pc. Wood House Flag Pole
               Adjustable House Flag Bracket
               Dual Position House Flag Bracket
     »  Flags
     »  Floormats
     »  Frames
     »  Frogs
     »  Garden Ornaments
     »  Glass Beer Mug
     »  Greeting Cards
     »  Hats
     »  Kitchen
     »  Lights
     »  Luggage Tags
     »  Magnetic Bookmarks
     »  Magnetic Pad
     »  Magnets
               Cannonball Magnet
     »  Mailwraps
     »  Mini-windows
     »  Mug & Coaster Set
     »  Mugs
     »  Mugs
     »  Mugs
     »  Nite Lites
     »  Ocarina Flutes
     »  Office Supplies
     »  Ornaments
     »  Owls
     »  Photo Frames
     »  Pillows
     »  Pins
     »  Pitchers
     »  Placemats
     »  Placemats & Coasters
     »  Planter
     »  Playing Cards
     »  Plush Pets
     »  Plush Toys
     »  Poles
     »  Posters
     »  Puzzles
     »  Replacement Bulbs
     »  Shirts
     »  Shot Glasses
     »  Signs
     »  Soup Mug & Plate Set
     »  Spinners
     »  Sport Bottles
     »  Stationary
     »  Statuary
     »  Steel Mug
     »  Stone Coasters
     »  Suncatcher
     »  Switch Covers
     »  Table Piece
     »  Table Stands
     »  Thermal Mugs
     »  Towels
     »  Toys
     »  Toys & Ornaments
     »  Trivets
     »  Tumbler Glass Set
     »  Tumblers
     »  Two Pint Glasses
     »  Wall Hanging
     »  Wall Vase
     »  Weights
     »  Whirligig
     »  Wind Directional
     »  Window Magnets
     »  Windows
     »  Windsocks
     »  Windspinners
Optics / Binoculars / Cameras
     »  Binoculars
               Crossfire 8X42
               Diamondback 10X42
               Diamondback 8x42
               Stokes 10X42 Broadwing
               Stokes 8X42 Broadwing
               Vortex 10x42 Stokes Birding Series Talon Binocular – TLN-1042
               Vortex Diamondback 10x50
               Vortex Razor 8x42 Binocular
               Vortex Spitfire 8x25 Binocular
               Vortex Vanquish 10x26 Binocular
               Vortex Vanquish 8x26 Binocular
     »  Binocular Harness
               Vortex Harness Strap
     »  Lens Cleaning Kit
               Lens Cleaning Kit
               Vortex Lens Pen
     »  Monocular
               Vortex Solo Monocular 8x25
     »  Spotting Scope
               Stokes Sandpiper 15-45x65 (Angled) Spotting Scope
     »  Tripods
     »  Cameras
               Hawk Eye 100' Extension Cable
Garden Decor
     »  Planters and Containers
     »  Garden Flags
          »  Floral Garden Flags
          »  Birds, Insect, & Critters Garden Flags
          »  Spring & Summer Garden Flags
          »  Fall & Winter Garden Flags
          »  Holiday Garden Flags
          »  Americana Garden Flags
          »  Recycled Material Garden Flags
          »  Garden Flag Poles & Accessories
          »  Standard Size Flags and Accessories
     »  Garden Accents
          »  Sundials, Weathervanes, Rain Gauges
          »  MailWraps
          »  Garden Statuary
          »  Garden Cottages
          »  Wind Chimes
Feed, Seed, Suet
     »  Bird Seed
                Sunflower Wreath for Wild Birds
               1.75 lb Black Oil Sunflower Seed Cake
               11 oz Black Oil Sunflower Seed Bell
               14oz Mixed Seed Bell with Net
               18 oz Peanut Bell with Net
               2 lb Superior Blend Seed Cake
               2.5 lb. Fruit, Berry, Nut Seed Cake
               25# Black Oil Sunflower
               3 pk Ornament Hearts
               3 pk Ornament Moons
               3 pk Ornament Stars
               40# Black Oil Sunflower
               9 oz. LePetit Mixed Seed Cake
               Birdie Wreath – Christmas
               Birdie Wreath – Spring/Summer
               Birdola Plus Cake
               Bluebird Nuggets Plus
               Finch Seed Bell 18 oz
               Fruit, Berry, & Nut Seed Bell
               Merry Christmas Tree 9 inch
               Snow Man 9 inch
               Sun Face Wild Bird Wreath 2.5 lbs
     »  Bird Suet
               11 oz. Party Mix Suet Wild Bird Suet Cake
               11 oz. Woodpecker Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake
               11.75 oz. Apple Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake
               11.75 oz. Cherry Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake
               11.75 oz. Peanut Delight-Suet Dough
               11.75oz. Fruit n’Nut Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake
               12 oz Almond Suet Cake
               12 oz Blueberry Suet Cake
               12 oz Hi-Energy Suet Cake
               12 oz Raisin-N-Nut Suet Cake
               12 oz Suet Peanut Butter Cake
               13.5 oz Orange Suet Dough Cake
               13.5 oz. Berry Delight/Dough Wild Bird Suet Cake
               13.5 oz. Hot Pepper Delight/Dough Wild Bird Suet Cake
               13.5 oz. Insect Dough Wild Bird Suet Cake
               13.5 oz. Pecan Delight/Dough Wild Bird Suet Cake
               13.5 oz. Woodpecker Delight/Dough Wild Bird Suet Cake
               16 oz. Finch Seed Cake
               2.5 lb Woodpecker Seed Cake
               3 lb Suet Peanut Butter Cake
               9 oz. LePetit Woodpecker Cake
               Berry Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake 11.75 oz.
               Fruit, Berry & Nut Suet
               Hi-energy Bird Suet Cake - 3 lbs.
               High Energy 56 oz.
               Hot Pepper Nuggets
               Hot Pepper Suet
               Insect Suet Cake
               Log Jammers Peanut Suet
               Never Melt Suet Berry 12 oz
               Never Melt Suet Hot Pepper 12 oz
               Never Melt Suet Insect 12 oz
               Never Melt Suet Orange 12 oz
               Never Melt Suet Peanut 12 oz
               Nutty Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake 11.75 oz.
               Orange Flavored Nuggets
               Orange Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake 11.75 oz.
               Peanut Boost Ball Plus 32 oz.
               Peanut Butter Suet Dough
               Peanut Delight No-Melt Plug
               Peanut Treat 56 oz.
               Peanut Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake 11.75 oz.
               Pure Suet Cake 10 oz. Wild Bird Suet Cake
               Seed Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake 11.75 oz.
               Songbird Suet Plugs – Hot Pepper (discourages squirrels)
               Songbird Suet Plugs – Peanut 4 Pak
               Suet Loaded Coconut Feeder
               Suet Plugs-Fruit and Nut- 4 pak
               Suet To Go Berry Suet Pellets
               Suet To Go Insect Suet Pellets
               Suet To Go Plus
               Sunflower Heart Suet
               Sunflower Treat Wild Bird Suet Cake 11.75 oz.
     »  Mealworms
               Birdwatcher's Choice Mealworms
               Birdwatcher's Choice WaxWorms
               Dried Wax Grubs 7 oz. Pouch – aprox. count 880
               xxxxxxxxDried Mealworms (plain bag)
     »  Seed Containers
               32 Qt. Seed Container`
               6 Qt. Seed Container
               8 QT. Seed Container
     »  Seed Scoops and Funnels
               12-oz. Aluminum Scoop
               24-oz. Aluminum Scoop
               38-oz. Aluminum Scoop
               58-oz. Aluminum Scoop
               5-oz. Aluminum Scoop
               Big Dipper Seed Scoop
               Bird Feed Scoop
               Fitbig Funnel
               Green Seed Wall Storage 15 Quarts
               Green Seed Wall Storage Large 30 Quarts
               Large Seed Bucket Galvanized
               Red Seed Bucket, 8 Quart
               Scoop & Fill
               Seed & Feed Scoop
               Seed Scoop
               Seed Scoop Blue
               Yellow Seed Bucket, 8 Quart
               Yellow Soda Bottle Funnel
     »  Other Wildlife Food
               2.5 lb Bushy Tail Cake
               32 oz. Nut & Sweet Corn Squirrel Log
               32 oz. Sweet Corn Squirrel Log
               Bushy Tail Cob 16 oz
               Bushy Tail Feeder for 16 oz Cake
               Bushy Tail Feeder for 2.5 lb Cake
               Chuck-A-Nut 10# Bag
               Chuck-A-Nut 3# Bag
               Squirrel Food , Ear Corn Cob – 25# Bag
               Squirrel Food , Ear Corn Cob – Bag of 12
Pets Supplies
     »  Heated Pet Pads
               All Season Snuggly Sleeper Lrg Mocha 31X24
               All Season Snuggly Sleeper Lrg Sage 31X24
               Deluxe Lectro Kennel Medium 16.5X22.5
               Igloo Heated Pad Large 17.5" x 30" 80 watts
               Igloo Heated Pad Small 11.5" x 18" 40 watts
               Igloo Heated Pads 14.5" x 24" 60 watts
               Large Heated Pet Bed
               Large Lectro Kennel Warming - Heating Pad 22.5" x 28.5" 80 watts
               Large Plastic Heated Pet Mat
               Lg. Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed 25" x 36"
               Med. Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed 19" x 24"
               Medium Cover For Heated Pet Mat
               Medium Heated Pet Bed
               Medium Ortho Thermo Bed Green
               Medium Plastic Heated Pet Mat
               Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad 12.5 X 18.5
               Pet Bed Warmer Large 11" x 24"
               Pet Bed Warmer Small 8.5" x 9.5"
               Round Heated Pet Bed
               Small Animal Heated Pad 9" x 12"
               Small Heated Pet Bed
               Small Lectro Cover
               Small Lectro Kennel Warming - Heating Pad 12.5" x 18.5" 40 watts
               Small Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed 14" x 18"
               Small Plastic Heated Pet Mat
               Thermo Bed 36 X 48 With Blue Cotton Cover
               Thermo Bed 36 X 48 With Green Cotton Cover
               Thermo Bed 36 X 48 With Sage Cotton Cover
               Thermo Kitty Bed 16in. Diameter Mocha
               Thermo Kitty Cabin Mocha
               Thermo Kitty Cuddle Up Mocha
               Thermo Kitty Fashion Splash Purple
               Thermo Kitty Hut Sage
               Thermo Kitty Mat 12.5in.X25in. Sage
               Thermo Kitty Mat 15.5in.X25in. Mocha
               Thermo Pet Mat 14in.X28in. Mocha
               xxxxxxxThermo Kitty Nest Mocha
     »  Pet Blankets, Pads and Beds
               Medium Thermo Perch
               Memory Sleeper Large Sage 29in.X45in.X3.75in.
               Memory Sleeper Medium Mocha 23in.X35in.X3.75in.
               Memory Sleeper Medium Sage 23in.X35in.X3.75in.
               Memory Sleeper Small Mocha 18in.X26in.X3.75in.
               ScattMat (48in.X20in.) Auto Indoor Pet Training Mat
     »  Pet Bowls
               1 Qt. Heated Bowl Plastic
               1 QT. Heated Bowl Stainless
               2 Gal. Heated Bucket
               5 Qt. Heated Bowl Plastic
               5 Qt. Heated Bowl Stainless
               All Seasons Oversized 5 Gal. Flat Back Heated Bucket
               Economical Round Pet Bowl (60 Watt) Blue
               Heated 16 Qt. Bucket
               Heated 5 Gal. Flat Back Bucket
               Heated 9 Qt. Bucket
               John Deere Pet Bowl Large
               Large ChatterBowl
               One Quart Heated Pet Bowl (25 Watt) Green
               Round Heated Pet Bowl (60 Watt) Green
               Round Heated Pet Bowl (60 Watt) Speckletone Gray
               Signature Series 3 Qt Stainless Heated Pet Bowl
               Signature Series 5.5 Qt Stainless Heated Pet Bowl
               Square Heated Pet Bowl (60 Watt) Red
               Thermal Heated Pet Dog Bowl 1.5 Gallon
               Thermal Heated Pet Dog Bowl 96 oz.
     »  Pet Carriers
               Pet Pocket Small
               Pet Sling Messenger Bag
               Pet Tent & Shelter - Large
     »  Pet Collars
               Rhinestone Collar Clear Medium
     »  Pet Life Jackets
               Pet Saver Life Jacket X-Small
     »  Pet Toys
               AKC Green Planet Rabbit Lrg
               Babble Buddies Bear
               Babble Buddies Kittens
               Bungee Golden Retreiver
               Bungee Rabbit
               Bungee Weiner Dog
               Canadian Goose Small Plush
               Cat Carrier
               Egg Babies - Alligator
               Egg Babies - Platypus
               Egg Babies - Turtle
               Fire Hose Squeak'n Fetch Large
               Fire Hose Squeak'n Fetch Small
               Fire Hose Stretch'n Fetch Large
               Fire Hose Stretch'n Fetch Small
               Fleece & Feather Wand
               Funny Fleece 36 pc. Display
               Funny Fleece Mailman
               Funny Fleece The Ex
               Green Planet Owl Small
               Green Planet Porcupine Lg
               Hide-A-Squirrel Junior
               Mallard Outdoor Rope & Tennis
               Pheasant Small Plush
               PipSqueaks Pig
               Puzzle Pup Intellibone
               Rabbit Small Plush
               Squeaker Mat Character Squirrel Large
               Squeaker Mat Character Squirrel Small
               Squeaker Mat Sheep
               Squeakin' Eggs 3 Pack
               Squeakn' Animals Squirrel 3 Pack
     »  Pet Grooming - Bath
For the Yard
     »  Bird Calls
               Audubon Bird Call
               Bat House Kit
               Bluebird House Kit
     »  Bird Cams and Nature Monitors
     »  Insedt Repelants & Traps
               ¾ in. x 100’ Holographic Scare Tape
               16 oz Flaming Squirrel
               2 inch X 100 ft Repeller Ribbon
               8 oz Flaming Squirrel
               Bird Rep. Kit Hanger/Ribbon
               Bird Seed Moth Trap
               Bird-Proof Repellent 10 oz. Tube
               Bunny Barrier All Natural Repellent
               Critter Ridder 1.25 lb.
               Critter Ridder Rep. 2.2 lb.
               Doggie Don,t Doo Doo Signs
               Glass Wasp Trap w/Lure
               Guard’N Eyes
               Inflatable Birdchaser Yellow
               Inflatable Owl
               Inflatable Snake
               Large Squirrel Trap 24X7X7 Humane Live Animal Cage Traps
               Mosquito Dunks (2 per unit)
               Mosquito Dunks (6 per unit)
               Nite Guard Solar-Powered Night Predator Light
               Owl with Rotating Head
               Pantry Pest Trap
               Plant Saver All Natural Deer Repellant 25#
               Plant Saver All Natural Deer Repellent
               Plastic Owl
               Raccoon Collapsible Trap 32X10 1/2X12 ½
               Shake-Away 90-Day Powder Pak – Deer Repellent
               Slim Yellow Jacket Trap
               Small Squirrel Trap 18X5X5 Humane Live Animal Cage Traps
               Small Wasp Trap
               Soda Bottle Wasp Trap
               Songbird Magnet Bird Caller
               Spikes Retail Kit
               Tanglefoot Bird Repellent 5.5 oz Squeeze Tube
               Transonic Pest Repeller
               WaterDoo Auto Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain
               Woodpecker PRO
               Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller
     »  Decoys
     »  Flags
               A Balanced Life
               A Balanced Life
               American Flag Garden Flag
               American Flag Regular
               Elegant Monarchs Garden Flag
               Golden Retriever
               Santa's Doves
               Sapphire Butterfly Garden Flag
               Sweet Bovine
               U.S.A. Flag
               U.S.A. Flag
     »  Garden Lights
               Illuminarie Butterfly Stake
               Illuminarie Dragonfly Stake
               Illuminarie Heart Stake
               Illuminarie Moon Stake
               Illuminarie Saturn Stake
               Solar Light Stick Hummingbird / Snowflake
     »  Garden Signs
     »  Garden Stones
               Riverstone/Metal Swimming Frog
     »  Rain Gauges
               Basic Rain Gauge
               Climbing Gnome Rain Gauge
               Dragonfly Rain Gauge
               Easy Read 12 ½ inch Magnifying Rain Gauge
               Frog Rain Gauge
               Golf Cart Rain Gauge Staked
               Hummingbird Rain Gauge
               Pointing Gnome Rain Guage
               Rain Gauge with Enclosed Tube Thermometer on Swivel Bracket
               Replacement Tube/Rain Gauge
               Turtle Rain Gauge
     »  Solar Garden Lights
     »  Spinners
               ????????Green Tractor Spinner image????
               16 in Loons Hot Air Balloon
               16in. 5 O'Clock Somewhere Hot Air Balloon
               16in. Hummingbirds Hot Air Balloon
               16in. Ladybugs Hot Air Balloon
               16in. Rainbow Hot Air Balloon
               22in. Ladybug Hot Air Balloon
               22in. Patriotic Hot Air Balloon
               22in. Sunset Gradient Hot Air Balloon
               5 O'Clock Somewhere Triple Spinner
               Allis-Chalmers Tractor
               Big Rig Spinner
               Blue Heron
               Cardinal Spinner
               Eastern Blue Jay Spinner
               Fire Truck
               Fire Truck
               Flamingo Garden Spinner
               Flying Loon Spinner
               Flying Pelican
               Flying Pig Spinner
               Garden Angel Balancer
               Golf Cart Spinner
               Great Horned Owl Spinner
               Horse and Buggy
               Hot Air Balloon Patriotic
               Hot Air Balloon Rainbow
               Hummingbird Twister
               Int'l Harvester Tractor
               Island Parrot Spinner
               It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Twister
               Ladybug Bicycle Spinner
               Large Modern Tractor Green
               Mallard Garden Spinner
               Military Vehicle
               Modern Tractor Green
               Modern Tractor Red
               Monarch Butterfly Twister
               Monarch Spinner
               Monarch Triple Spinner
               Morning Rooster Spinner
               Mushroom Spinner/ Red Polka
               Mushroom Spinner/ Wavy Gradient
               New Flying Eagle Spinner
               North American Cardinal Twister
               Old Time Truck
               Old Tractor Green
               Old Tractor Red
               Osprey Spinner
               Parrot Bicycle Spinner
               Parrot Twirly
               Patriotic Triple Spinner
               Pink Ladybug Triple Spinner
               Rainbow DNA Helix Twister
               Rainbow Triple Spinner
               Red Tractor Spinner
               Ruby Throated Hummingbird
               Ruby Throated Hummingbird Twister
               RV Spinner
               Scarlet Macaw Spinner
               School Bus
               School Bus
               Steam Engine
               Tree Frogs 16 in Hot Air Balloon
     »  Sun Catchers
     »  Thermometers - Weather Instruments
               10.75 inch Weathered Copper Thermometer
               12.5 inch Shop Talk Thermometer
               12.5 inch Indoor/Outdoor Loons Thermometer
               Accurite 12 1/2 inch Basic Thermometer
               Acu-Rite 00782 Wireless Thermometer And Remote Sensor
               Acu-Rite 00888A2 Digital In door/Outdoor Thermometer
               Acu-Rite 00891 Digital Thermometer with Humidity and Clock
               Audubon Collections Indoor/Outdoor Goldfinches II Thermometer
               Bluebird Window Thermometer
               Bluebird Maple Window Thermometer
               Butterfly Bush Window Thermometer
               Cardinal Window Thermometer
               Cardinal Pair Window Thermometer
               Cardinal/Chickadee Window Thermometer
               Cardinal/Chickadee Window Thermometer
               Cardinal/Dogwood Window Thermometer
               Chickadee/Nuthatch Thermometer
               Chickadee/Pine Window Thermometer
               Decorative Horse & Colt Thermometer
               Designer Edition 12 1/2 in. Indoor/Outdoor Songbirds Thermometer
               Digital Acu-Rite 00799 Outdoor Window Thermometer W/Suction Cups
               Dragonfly Window Thermometer
               Goldfinch Window Thermometer
               Goldfinch Pair Window Thermometer
               Great Blue Heron Window Thermometer
               Hummingbird Nature Thermometer
               Hummingbird Window Thermometer
               Hummingbird/Azalea Window Thermometer
               James Hautman 12 1/2 in. Indoor/Outdoor Bluebird Thermometer
               James Hautman 12 1/2 in. Indoor/Outdoor Cardinals Thermometer
               Swing Arm Brass Thermometer Indoor/Outdoor
               Titmouse/Chickadees Window Thermometer
               Woodsman Weatherstick (Poly Bag)
     »  Mailbox Wraps
     »  Wind Socks
     »  Wind Chimes
               Abby Wind Chime
               America The Beautiful JWS Chime
               Aquarian Alto Wind Chime
               Aquarian Mezzo Wind Chime
               Aquarian Soprano Wind Chime
               Balinese Alto Wind Chime
               Balinese Mezzo Wind Chime
               Balinese Soprano Wind Chime
               Big Mouth Bass Bell
               Big Mouth Bass Wind Chime
               Blue Butterfly Lrg. Wind Chime
               Blue Butterfly Med. Wind Chime
               Bluebird Bell
               Burnt Flower Med. Wind Chime
               Burnt Flower Small Wind Chime
               Canon in D JWS Chime
               Cardinal Bell
               Cardinal Family Whirli-Chime
               Cardinal Mini Chime
               Cardinal Wind Chime
               Cat & Ladybug-Small Wind Chimes
               Chickadee Bell
               Chickadee Wind Chime
               Chinese Alto Wind Chime
               Chinese Mezzo Wind Chime
               Chinese Soprano Wind Chime
               Cowboy Hat Wind Chime
               Double Ladybugs-Large Wind Chimes
               Dragon Flame Wind Chime
               Dragonfly JWS Chime
               Eastern Bluebird Wind Chime
               Flat Hummingbird wind chime
               Flip Flops, Green Small Wind Chimes
               Garden Fairy-Blue Sm Wind Chimes
               Goldfinch Bell
               Grapes & Red Wine-Lg Wind Chimes
               Hawaiian Alto Wind Chime
               Hawaiian Mezzo Wind Chime
               Hawaiian Soprano Wind Chime
               Hematite Butterfly JWS Chime
               Hematite Drop JWS Chime
               Hematite Heart JWS Chime
               Hummingbird Bell
               Japanese Alto Wind Chime
               Japanese Mezzo Wind Chime
               Japanese Soprano Wind Chime
               Large Burnt Flower Wind Chime
               Large Garden Fairy-White-Lg Wind Chimes
               Loon Bell
               Loon Wind Chime
               Medium Whisper Wind Chime
               Mongolian Alto Wind Chime
               Mongolian Mezzo Wind Chime
               Mongolian Soprano Wind Chime
               Mongolian Tenor Wind Chime
               Monkey Wind Chime
               Natural Sun/Moon Wind Chime
               Opus JWS Chime
               Parrot Large Wind Chimes
               Parrot Small Wind Chimes
               Pelican Wind Chime
               Pentatonic Alto Wind Chime
               Pentatonic Bass Wind Chime
               Pentatonic Mezzo Wind Chime
               Pentatonic Soprano Wind Chime
               Pentatonic Tenor Wind Chime
               Rodney Wind Chime
               Ruby Throated Hummingbird Wind Chime
               Sailboat Sm. Wind Chimes
               Small Blue Butterfly Wind Chime
               Snowy Owl
               Snowy Owl Bell
               Sunflower Wind Chime
               Tropical Fish Sm. Wind Chimes
               Welcome Wind Chime
               Westminster Wind Chime
               Whisper Large Wind Chime
               Whisper Small Wind Chime
               Whole Tone Alto Wind Chime
               Whole Tone Mezzo Wind Chime
               Whole Tone Soprano Wind Chime
               Whole Tone Tenor Wind Chime
     »  Weathervanes
     »  Yard Art
               Bluebird Garden Bird Stick
               Cardinal Backyard Carving
               Chickadee Garden Bird Stick
               Dog Magnet
               Female Cardinal Garden Bird Stick
               Flamingo Pair
               Flying Cardinal Garden Bird Stick
               Garden of Reading Bunny Statue
               Garden of Reading Cat Statue
               Garden of Reading Pig Statue
               Goldfinch Garden Bird Stick
               Hummingbird Garden Bird Stick
               Metal Flower Bluebird Stake
               Metal Flower Chickadee Stake
               Metal Welcome Frog
               Motor Driven Fluttering Butterfly Yard Décor
               Pair of Steel Geese
               Pair of Steel Herons
               Pinwheel Large Twisted Stake
               Portly Bunny Medium
               Spinning Oak Leaves Medium Twisted Stake Kinetic Sculpture
For The House
     »  Clocks
               Audubon Singing Clock 13 in. - Green
               Audubon Singing Clock 8 in Green
               Black Bear Desk Clock
               Horse Clock
               Mustang Desk Clock
               Pheasant Desk Clock
               Wacky Wakers Chimp Alarm Clock
               Wacky Wakers Rooster Alarm Clock
               Wall Clock Cardinal
               Wall Clock Hummingbird
               Wall Clock Mustang
               Wild Turkey Desk Clock
     »  Candles
               12 oz. Soy Wax Candle - French Vanilla
               16 oz. Soy Wax Candle - Vineyard
               5 oz. Soy Wax Candle - Fireside
               5 oz. Soy Wax Candle - Woodland Wreath
               Dove Candleholder Galvanized
     »  Coffee
     »  Coffee Mugs
               Bald Eagle Steel Mug
               Black Bear Mug & Coaster Set
               Black-Capped Chickadee 15 oz Mug
               Cardinal 15 oz Mug
               Cardinal 15 oz. Mug
               Cardinal Steel Mug
               Caroline's Horses 15 oz Mug
               Deer 15 oz. Mug
               Eagle 15 oz. Mug
               Goldfinch 15 oz Mug
               Heart's Desire 15 oz Mug
               Hummingbird Steel Mug
               Largemouth Bass Mug & Coaster Set
               Loon 15 oz. Mug
               Mallard 15 oz. Mug
               Mallard Duck Mug & Coaster Set
               Mug Kitty Christmas
               Mustang 15 oz. Mug
               Mustang Steel Mug
               Peeping Puppies 15 oz Mug
               Peeping Toms 15 oz Mug
               Pheasant Steel Mug
               Puppy Personals Boxed Mug
               Ruby-Throated Hbird 15 oz Mug
               Special Connection 15 oz Mug
               Springtime Bunny 15 oz Mug
               Thermal Mug 64 oz Feeder Bird Wild Bird Collage
               Turkey 15 oz. Mug
               Turkey Steel Mug
               White Tail Deer Steel Mug
               Whitetail Deer Mug & Coaster Set
               Wild Bird Collage 32 oz. Thermal Mug
               Wild Turkey Mug & Coaster Set
     »  Cup Holders and Coasters
               John Deere Tractor Coaster Set
     »  Decorative Magnets
               Bluebird Magnet
               Cardinal Magnet
               Chickadee Magnet
               Goldfinch Magnet
               Loon Magnet
               Nuthatch Magnet
               Woodpecker Magnet
               Wren Magnet
     »  Doormats
               A Good Day's Work Doormat
               Bichon Frises Porch Doormat
               Black Lab Porch Doormat
               Border Collie Family Porch Doormat
               Boston Terrier Porch Doormat
               Caroline's Horses Doormat
               Chocolate Lab Porch Doormat
               Cuddle Time Doormat
               English Cocker Spaniel Porch Doormat
               German Shepherd Porch Doormat
               Golden Retriever Porch Doormat
               Good as Gold (Foal) Doormat
               Harmony Doormat
               In The Storm (Deer) Doormat
               Lady Doormat
               Over the Gate Doormat
               Peeping Toms Porch Doormat
               Pug Porch Doormat
               Shepherd Family Porch Doormat
               Special Connection Doormat
               Two Horses Doormat
               Westie Porch Doormat
               Yellow Lab Porch Doormat
     »  Doorstops
               Petra the Tabby Doorstop 15" tall
               Santa Kitty Doorstop 15" tall
     »  Drinking Glasses
               Largemouth Bass 2 Pint Glasses
               Mustang 2 Pint Glasses
               Mustang Tumbler Glass Set
               Pheasant 2 Pint Glasses
     »  Games/Puzzles
               52 Nature Activities
               Bird Bingo
               Birds of the Backyard 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               Bug Bingo
               Butterflies of the World 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               Butterfly Bingo
               Canoe Cribbage Board
               Cardinals and Friends 550 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               Cat Bingo
               Dinosaur Bingo
               Dog Bingo
               Eastern Woodlands
               Fishing Bingo
               Games For Your Brain: Ocean
               Golden Puppies 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               Gone Fishin 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               Horse Bingo
               Hummingbirds 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               Magnet (Squirrel Dress-Up)
               Nature Bingo
               North American Birds
               North American Owls
               Ocean Bingo
               Orchids 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               Pheasant Playing Cards
               Prof Noggins Birds of NA
               Prof Noggins Insects & Spiders
               Prof Noggins Reptiles & Amphibians
               Prof Noggins Wildlife of NA
               Reptile Bingo
               Science Bingo
               Shells of Our Shores 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               State Birds and Flowers 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               Weather Bingo
               What Bird Am I?
               Wild Animal-Opoly
               Wildflower Bingo
               Wildlife Bingo
               World of Cats 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
               World of Dogs 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
     »  Memo Pads and Stationary
               Bald Eagle Magnetic Pad
               Bird Magnetic Shopping List
               Black Bear Magnetic Pad
               Cannonball Memo Pad
               Caroline's Horses Mouse Pad
               Eastern Bluebird (6x8 Greeting Card)
               Kitty City Shopping List
               Largemouth Bass Magnetic Pad
               Loon Magnetic Pad
               Pheasant Magnetic Pad
               Wild Horses Mousepad Planner
     »  Music CDs and Videos
               2009 Bird Songs Wall Calendar
               Amazing Birds Of America DVD
               American Songbirds CD
               Audubon Video 258 Birds - Song and Garden Birds
               Audubon Videoguide to Butterflies DVD Common and Endangered
               Backyard Birds CD
               Backyard Birds Identification Guide CD
               Backyard Birds II
               Better Bird Watching DVD (east)
               Bird of Canada v3.9 Mac.
               Bird of Canada v3.9 Windows
               Bird of My State v3.9 Mac.
               Bird of My State v3.9 Windows
               Bird Songs East/Central CD-5th
               Birding by Ear Eastern/Central CD
               Birds Of N. America v3.9 Macintosh
               Birds of N. America v3.9 Windows
               Birds of N.A. Gold v5.0 Windows
               Birds of the Rain CD
               Birds on Broadway
               Birds, Birds, Birds CD
               Birds, Birds, Birds DVD
               Carol Of The Birds
               Colorado and Wyoming DVD
               Common Birds & Their Songs CD
               Dawn Song CD – Purple Martin Attractors
               Day Time Chatter CD
               Echoes of the Loon CD
               Journey to the Northwoods CD
               More Carols From The Birds
               Natural Blues CD
               Nature and Flute CD
               Nature and Guitar CD
               Nature and Piano CD
               On Eagle Wings CD
               Relaxing Sounds of Nature CD
               Sacred Journey CD
               So Many Feathers DVD
               Songbird Symphony
               Songbirds CD
               Spring Backyard Birds CD
               Stokes Bluebird DVD Video
               The Nutcracker Tweet
               Wings, Strings, & Other Things
     »  Napkins and Towels
               Bluebird Towel/Potholder Set
               Cardinal Tissue Box
     »  Night Lights
               Brass Dragonfly Light
               Cat and Butterfly Night Light
               Cat at Window Night Light
               Cow Night Light
               Flocking Hummingbird Night Light
               Frog Night Light
               Hummingbird and Flower Night Light
               Hummingbird/Red Blossom Night Light
               Magnolia Night Light
               Rocking Horse Night Light
               Teddy Bear/Blue Night Light
     »  Ornaments and Decorations
               Alligator Medium
               Baby Bluebird (Ornament)
               Baby Chickadee
               Bear, Standing, Black, 12 in.
               Bee Large
               Blue Jay
               Blue/Violet Butterfly Small
               Bluebird (table piece)
               Bluebird Pair
               Bluebird w/Holly
               Butterfly Blue Large
               Butterfly Blue Small
               Butterfly Yellow Large
               Butterfly Yellow Small
               Cardinal (table piece)
               Cardinal (table piece)
               Cardinal Pair
               Cardinals Flamed
               Cardinals Galvanized
               Cardinals Verdigris
               Cat & Ladybug 3-Dimensional Stained Glass Window Art Treatment
               Cat and Flower – Rose 3-Dimensional Stained Glass Window Art Treatment
               Cat and Flower – Teal 3-Dimensional Stained Glass Window Art Treatment
               Cat Standing Siamese 6in.
               Chickadee (table piece)
               Chickadee (table piece)
               Chickadee/Pine Cone (ornament)
               Country Mice Pair
               Dolphin 3-Dimensional Stained Glass Window Art Treatment
               Dolphin Medium
               Downy (table piece)
               Dragonfly Small
               Duck Boot Ornament
               Eagle (table piece)
               Flying Cardinal
               Fox, Sitting, Ornament
               Free Standing Carolina Wren
               Free Standing Oriole
               Frog Medium
               Gecko Small
               Giraffe Small
               Gold Finch
               Gold Finch (table piece)
               Golden Crowned Kinglet
               Grapes 3-Dimensional Stained Glass Window Art Treatment
               Hedgehog Ornament
               Heron (table piece)
               Hummingbird/Nest (ornament)
               Jewelry Tree w/Bowl Large
               Lady Cardinal
               Ladybug Small 3.5"
               Loon with Chick
               Mallard Decoy Ornament
               Mini Dragonfly (Pak of 3 only)
               Mini Honey Bee (Pak of 3 only)
               Model B, John Deere Tractor Ornament
               Mouse, Field, Baby. Nat, 2 in.
               Orange Butterfly Small
               Oval Table Stand For 3-D Windows
               Owl (table piece)
               Parrot Ivory 3-D Windows
               Peace Dove Flamed
               Pelican (table piece)
               Pig, Baby, Black, 4 in.
               Porcupine, Black, 5 in.
               Red Wine and Grapes 3-D Windows
               Robin (table piece)
               Ruby Crowned Kinglet
               Screech Owl
               Set of 6 Wood Songbirds
               Set of 8 Wood Geese
               Siamese Cat
               Sitting Cat Siamese
               Skunk, On stand, 6 in.
               Snake Small
               Snowy Owl
               Snowy Owl (table piece)
               Squirrel, Gray, 8 in.
               Starfish Medium
               Starfish Small
               Table Stand For 3-D Windows
               Takara Breezy Singers Cardinal Outdoor Animated Solar Powered
               Toadstool Toad Abode
               Tufted Titmouse
               Turtle Medium
               Turtle Small
               Woodduck Decoy Ornament
               Wren (table piece)
     »  Paper Weights
               Frog Pupper Weight Approx. 4" tall
     »  Picture Frames
     »  Stuffed Animals
               American Goldfinch Bird Plush
               American Robin Bird Plush
               Audubon Birds Mini Clip Blue Grosbeak
               Audubon Squirrels - Red Squirrel 6"
               Bald Eagle Plush Bird
               Baltimore Oriole Bird Plush
               Black-Capped Chickadee Bird Plush
               Blue Grosbeak Plush Bird
               Blue Jay Plush Bird
               Bobolink Audubon Plush Bird
               California Quail Plush Bird
               Canada Goose Plush Bird
               Chipping Sparrow Plush Bird
               Common Loon 6" Bird Plush
               Common Yellowthroat Plush Bird
               Downy Woodpecker Plush Bird
               Eastern Bluebird Plush Bird
               Female Northern Cardinal Audubon Plush Bird
               Great Horned Owl Plush Bird
               Hawaiian I'iwi Audubon Bird
               Mallard Duck 6" Plush
               Mountain Bluebird Plush Bird
               Northern Cardinal Bird Plush
               Northern Flicker Plush Bird
               Northern Mockingbird Plush Bird
               Painted Bunting Plush Bird
               Pileated Woodpecker 5" Bird Plush
               Purple Martin Plush Bird
               Red Tailed Hawk Plush Bird
               Red-winged Blackbird Plush Bird
               Snowy Owl of Quebec Plush Bird
               Western Meadowlark Bird Plush
               Wild Turkey Audubon Plush Bird
     »  Storage Boxes
     »  Towels
               Cardinals Towel
               Peeping Toms Towel
               Ruby Throated Hummingbird Towel
     »  Trays Plates and Cutting Boards
               Cat Nap - Small
               Chickadee/ Medium
               Chickadee/ Small
               Deer Autumn Whitetail - Small
               Eagle - Medium
               Eagle - Small
               Equus Cutting Board
               Flying Mallards - Medium
               Flying Mallards - Small
               Gardner's Helper - Small
               Goldfinch - Medium
               Goldfinch - Small
               Hummingbird & Columb. - Small
               Hummingbirds - Medium
               Hummingbirds - Small
               Loons in the Mist - Medium
               Loons in the Mist - Small
               Spring Creek Run (Horses) - Medium
               Spring Garden - Small
               Sussex Pair - Medium
               Sussex Pair - Small
               Turkeys - Small
               Wood Ducks - Small
     »  Wall Hangings, Posters and Prints
               A Song Is In The Air 8x10 Print
               Beebalm 11x14 Print
               Big Red 8x10 Print
               Bluebird & Morning Glories 11x14 Print
               Cardinal 8x10 Print
               Chickadee Delight 13x27 Print
               Field of Gold 16x20 Print
               Garden Hummers 16x29 Print
               Heron Wall Sculpture
               Hummer Summer 1 8x10 Print
               Hummer Summer 2 8x10 Print
               Indigo Bunting & Daylily 11x14 Print
               Majestic Moment 1 11x14 Print
               Majestic Moment 2 11x14 Print
               Majestic Moment 3 11x14 Print
               Morning Glories 16x20 Print
               Pileated Woodpeckers 16x20 Print
               Ruby Red & Hot Pink 8x10 Print
               Summer of Gold 16x20 Print
               Summertime Blues 18x24 Print
               Sweet Nectar Wall Plaque
               Tiny Dancers 11x14 Print
               Twig Wire Hook
               Wren Paradise 13x27 Print
     »  Window Magnets / Decals
               2 Pack Warning Web
               Blue Bird Window Magnet CC52005
               Blue Butterfly CC52035
               Blue Jay Window Magnet CC52008
               Butterfly Decal
               Cardinal Window Magnet CC52020
               Dove Window Magnet CC52019
               Downy Woodpecker Window Magnet CC52032
               Eagle Window Magnet CC52015
               Eastern Blue Bird Window Magnet CC52066
               Feather Guard
               Gold Finch Window Magnet CC52006
               Hummingbird Decal
               Hummingbird Fly Thru Bird Paint Kit CC52075
               Hummingbird Window Magnet CC52001
               Just Feed Birds Lapel Pin
               Large Hummingbird Door Screen Saver
               Large Hummingbird w/lower Door Screen Saver
               Large Multi-Colored Butterfly Door Screen Saver
               Maple Leaf
               Monarch Butterfly Window Magnet CC52017
               Rainbow Hummingbird CC52039
               Ruby Throated Hummingbird Window Magnet CC52033
               Small Blue Butterfly Door Screen Saver
               Small Multi Colored Butterfly Door Screen Saver
               Small Orange Butterfly Door Screen Saver
               Snowflake Decal
               Static Cling Window Hawk 2 per pkg. (Replaces the VIHAWK)
               Window Hawk Transparent
               Woodpecker CC52044
     »  Hand bags, purses and luggage tags
               Birds Checkbook Cover
               Bluebird Pin
               Chickadee Pin
               Chickadee Pin
               Dogs Checkbook Cover
               Gold Finch Pin
               Heart's Desire Canvas Totes
               Heron Pin
               Peeping Puppies Canvas Totes
               Pelican Pin
               Saddle Horse Lunch Tote
               Tiny Tote / Sassy Cat
     »  Hats
               Feed the Birds Embroidered Cap-Green
               Feed the Birds Embroidered Cap-Khaki
               Feed the Birds Embroidered Cap-Red
               Got Seed Cap (Khaki)
               Got Seed Cap (Red)
     »  Shirts
               Feed The Birds T-Shirt Sizes S, M, L, XL
               Mug Shot T-Shirt Sizes S, M, L, XL
               Protect Your Nuts T-Shirt Med
               Protect Your Nuts T-Shirt XXL
Just for Kids
          Chickadee House Kit
          Eco-Friendly Recycled Bird Feeder Kit For Kids
          Eco-Friendly Recycled Bird Houser Kit For Kids
          Farm Animals
          Sunflower Sunny Seed Drops – 3 oz. Regular
          Wild Republic Insect Collection
          Wren House Kit
          Wren House Kit
     »  ****
     »  ****
               PC Serial Cable